Another theme from the Excloma universe. I am working hard to create a variety of different medias to bring my childhood concepts to life. This is the theme for Captain.

Once a high-ranking officer in the Sader army, he was lost at sea. Washed up on the shores of uncharted territory he ventures to find his way back to the kingdom, only to find that the objective of his former military has changed. His refusal to conform to the new ideals marks him as a traitor wanted by the kingdom he once served ever so valiantly.

I originally developed the concept for Captain and the Saders back in 2010 as part of a short humorous animation series I was working on. Most Saders are typically clumsy, silly, and nearly useless wheres Captain is sharp, focused, and typically harsh. He has a personal vendetta with Ninjuice, who is responsible for his incident at sea.